We Treat Every
Pet As Our Own

The Visiting Vets Clinic is a veterinary clinic based in Singapore that provides
a comprehensive range of services, including consultations, housecalls,
diagnostic, surgical services and dental treatment.

The Visiting Vets

Your Trusted, Compassionate & Affordable Vet Clinic

Welcome to The Visiting Vets – we are a vet clinic based in Singapore; we provide complete veterinary care for your pet. Our Clinic is fully-equipped to provide comprehensive diagnostic screenings and treatments. We have experienced doctors in the areas of internal medicine, surgery and house calls.

The Visiting Vets team are pet lovers who care for all our patients like our own. We are proud to serve you for all of your pet related healthcare needs. Our veterinary clinic prides itself on its team of highly experienced and motivated animal healthcare professionals.We are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care for all types of injuries, illness and emergencies that your pet may have..

Dr Huang Zhixiong - The Visiting Vets

Dr. Huang Zhixiong

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Huang is the practice owner of The Visiting Vets Clinic

Dr Kim Koh - The Visiting Vets

Dr. Kim Koh

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Kim Koh leads the housecall practice

Dr Stefanie Yim - The Visiting Vets

Dr. Stefanie Yim

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr Janine Khoo

Dr. Janine Khoo

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Clinic Services

At The Visiting Vets, our clinic services encompass a comprehensive suite of preventive, diagnostic, surgical and dental treatment and procedures.

Dental Cleaning for Pets

Dental Services

Dental scaling, polishing and teeth extractions.

Pet-Vaccination- Visiting Vets


Vaccination for cats and dogs against rabies and other diseases.

Pet Diagnostic Services - Vet Clinic

Check-up and Diagnostics

Comprehensive tests for your pet’s health

Internal Medicine for Pet

Internal Medicine

Create treatment plans for illnesses related to internal body systems

Vet Clinic Surgical Services

Surgical Services

We offer a wide range of surgical services. Sterilization, Oncology, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic surgery, Cardiology and more

Mobile Vet - House call Vet

Housecall Services

Suitable for clients with multiple pets, or pets which are terrified of leaving home

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